Kiss the Son

John the cousin of Jesus had proclaimed that the Messiah would come with winnowing fork in his hand to separate the evil men from the righteousness and would bring a blazing fire on the world as a baptism of the Spirit of God. When Jesus started his ministry, he declared, The kingdom of God has come! The Kingdom of God is now here!” (Mark 1:15), so that his followers would have assumed he would do the things proclaimed of God in Psalm 97 “Fire goes before him consuming his foes….and all the people see his glory” and that John had proclaimed of Messiah ushering in the kingdom with a baptism of fire. Jesus also said now is the time to “Repent and believe the good news of the King’s arrival!” Wow, double-take! There is time to stop, take stock of what and where you are headed, and turn around to face this King with readiness and acceptance!


That meant the fire which the Messiah that John proclaimed was bringing on earth was either delayed a bit or that it was a different kind of fire than described in the Psalm 97, a deadly fire that consumes his foes. It did seem a different kind of fire that Jesus brought in himself, after his baptism in water and the Spirit. Jesus did casting out evil spirits from bound-up people and healing them, body and mind. He was bringing a fire that chases away the evil from the human, cleanses and purifies him. Jesus showed himself to be Lord over the nature of evil– but also Servant of humankind, to set individuals free from evil inside by his true love for them. Amazing twist!


So was the fire baptism which Jesus brought solely that different kind of fire—one that sends spiritual evil spirits packing, leaving individual humans free to know God? No, for the fire Jesus ushered in with the announcement of the Kingdom of God is so much more!


After the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, he sent the Holy Spirit with tongues of fire baptism on his followers to give them power to boldly witness to his identity as Messiah King in the face of evil men—no matter what nationality or language– and that fire instilled powerful transformation of thousands of people simultaneously (Acts 2). What’s more, John the apostle had a revelation of the Second coming of Messiah King (Revelation 19:11-16) where he is bringing the fire of judgment on his foes with blazing fire shooting from his eyes and a sharp sword coming from his mouth to strike down nations who oppose his reign. So the fire that Messiah has brought is so much more than the cousin of John could envision at the first announcement of the arrival of the Kingdom of God.


And the TIME for repentance has been greatly extended by merciful God. There is still time to stop, take stock of what and where you are headed, and turn around to face this King with readiness and acceptance! BEFORE this Messiah returns with the fire in his eyes that literally consumes nations in a bloodbath in an instant! Kiss the Son of God now (Psalm 2:11-12), while there is time to receive his purifying freedom from the evil within you and to be transformed by his redeeming love, before he comes in judgment in the fire of his wrath on wicked lawless nations of which you are a part.


When you do kiss the Son, you can yourself become baptized with the fire of the Holy Spirit to boldly witness to his identity as Messiah King. You yourself can become a blazing wonder that brings transformation to thousands and does astounding miracles that attest to His power and glory! Yet, you must keep the Servant heart that walks in righteous Love, like Jesus showed us, for He alone is the One that will come to consume them with the breath of His mouth. So your lightening bolts are meant to wake men up, so that they enter into His kingdom while there is time.

Why will God fill His messengers with Glory Fire?

His purpose is to also be ours with Him—to bring in the promised harvest of His sons and daughters from every nation and ethnic group and to protect the remnant of the Church that will be refined like gold. Daniel says the people of God will shine brilliantly like the stars of heaven.

We are to rise and shine, not duck and hide!

Why is it so important? He is coming down to us, to bring the Kingdom of God to dwell with us on the earth. Our sons and daughters are given the opportunity to choose the Eternal Son and be the brilliant Overcoming Heroes of this hour on the earth! And then they will reign with him in justice and righteousness here, in every nation!

Take heart, tired ones.

We are not fading away as dry bones, but we are rising up as Dry Trees with immense Life-giving power to usher in the promised harvest for the everlasting Kingdom of the Son. The LORD is mighty and the Mighty One is causing His Spirit to rise up in you mightily in this hour on the earth. We will overcome by the words of our testimony!

We will not shrink back and we will not cower down! This is the hour of triumph of those who live by faith in the Son of God who is LORD of all lords.
The devil will throw all he has at us, but it will not be enough. Jesus declared that we would do “greater miracles” than he did on the earth, so that they have no excuse whatsoever before the judgment of the LORD at His coming.
He has indwelt us with His mighty power. We will blaze with Him and we will not be consumed. He will have a people on this earth full of faith and full of mighty actions for the Glory of His Son Jesus.

Jesus told the women as he was walking the way to the Cross, “Weep for yourselves and your children, for if they do these things in the green tree, what will they do in the dry?” (See blog post What is the meaning of the metaphor of the dry tree?)

So, let us weep for ourselves, that we become these Vessels. Let us weep and cry out not only for ourselves, but for the generation of our sons and daughters, for our grandsons and granddaughters, to become not only green but also dry, fully saturated with the Water of Life and blazing with His Glory and power in these increasingly difficult years before Jesus’ return!

What is the cover-up men will crave?

On his way to the cross, Jesus told the weeping women the prophesy given by Hosea (10:8). “Then they will say to the mountains, “fall on us!”, and to the hills, “cover us!”
Who is the “they” in this statement? “they” are the wicked, the unbelievers

Screams and running for cover will be coming from evil men and women, as they cry in terror for the altars of the high places of wickedness to hide them and for the power of the hill top shrines to cover up their evil deeds. These men are calling on their demonic gods to protect them from the wrath of the LORD which would destroy those high places and them.

In keeping with Jesus’ words, we can be assured that those evil men will see the Dry Tree—the Mature Church– blazing forth with the power and Glory of the LORD.

The apostolic writer of Hebrews reminds the Church that He is the LORD who makes his angels winds, And his servants a flame of fire. (1:7)

Ezekiel also saw that the appearance of the man as one of the four living creatures was a human face, yet it was like that of a bright burning torch, moving back and forth rapidly, issuing lightening flashes. The lightening flashes are the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, hitting the mark precisely where ever these beings aimed to go.

The servants of the Lord, even his sons and daughters who are alive in His Spirit, are hitting the mark with the Word of the LORD flashing forth like lightening bolts from their mouths. So much so, that these evil men who worship demonic entities will fear the LORD’s messengers who, in the face of the enemies’ death threats and the beheadings are still uncompromisingly holding forth the Word of Life. Remember the words of Apostle John in The Revelation!

And they overcame him [the devil, the dragon] by the blood of the Lamb, by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death. (NIV, Rev. 12:11)

No matter how much the enemies of the Eternal Son Jesus try to hide their sources of Satanic power, the Burning Light of the sons of God will expose them. Fire-filled words of the LORD from the lips of the Dry Mature Church will accomplish His purpose.

What is this generation meant to do?

The prophet Isaiah (ch. 60:1-2) says His people will rise up and shine with brilliant Light, manifesting the Glory of the LORD, even in the midst of growing darkness covering the land. The prophet Daniel pointed out that the people of God will be strong and do mighty exploits (Daniel 11:32) as they take a firm resistant stand against the Anti-Christ. The Church will indeed stand up with power!

John saw in the Revelation (ch. 11) that two witnesses will have fire coming from their mouths and will be able to call down plagues on the earth such as the ones Moses saw happen before the Exodus of the people of God. Recall also that Moses saw and heard the LORD speaking from a tree or bush which was blazing with fire, but the tree was NOT burned to ash nor even burned out.

This is a foreshadowing of those end-time sons and daughters of God who will be the Mature Church, the DRY TREES which are burning and boiling with the Fire of the LORD– speaking and doing with demonstrations of incredible power. His Awesome Glory will be on their words and on their hero actions!
The messengers that the LORD has on the earth now are already rising with the Brilliant Light of His Holy Fire in their mouths. How? by proclaiming the WORD of the LORD for this time of purification and harvest. Miracles are happening around the world, even resurrections from the dead.

The people of God in this end-times persecution are not weak, but mighty to stand and do exploits—so much so– that now we can understand why Jesus entreated those women—and is entreating us.

Jesus said to weep, to cry out to Him about the calling and destiny of our children in this generation: “What will our children do in the dry tree?”

When we begin to weep and plead for our sons and daughters to choose to pursue Jesus Christ with all their soul, might, and strength, then they will be filled with the Holy Spirit and be able, with His authority, to do the amazing greater works Jesus prophesied.

Jesus Himself is standing at the right hand of God the Father interceding for them. And we are entreated by Jesus, even since He was on his way to the Cross, to intercede for these sons and daughters. Will we rise to intercede?

What is the meaning of the metaphor of the dry tree?

Jesus spoke to the weeping women (Lk. 23:28-31) in a metaphor about the dry tree vs the green tree.
“For if men do these things when the tree is green, what will happen when it is dry?”

It has been speculated through the years that the “dry tree” implies his followers will be weakened in the coming time of persecution and will have only a little resistance to their enemies? Did Jesus imply this, that the disciples would be snatched up as timber for the fires of persecution because their Master in that life had been snatched first? Did even the early Church in fact dry out and die out during the ensuing persecution? NO, the disciples multiplied. Though some were killed, many were dispersed all over the world and the Church grew mightily.

This contrast between two trees might show a time difference, from the beginning of the Church to the end of the Church age. But does it mean that the later Church would become lifeless, easily dispensed with? The metaphor has been interpreted by some scholars to imply a qualitative difference between the time Jesus was with them on earth in His great power, yet evil men crucified him, to a later time when his followers would be powerless against the rising Antichist—almost wiped out in growing worldwide persecution from the forces controlled by the Antichrist.

But wait! The intent of Jesus’ words were to encourage the women. How do we know?

Jesus was always about encouraging those who yearn for him. He was in fact assuring them that the sons and daughters of God were not meant to be weak or powerless in the hands of their enemies and that the green Church which He started would become incredible in fortitude and vitality and then in the Last Days, it would become dry in its maturity. So, what does dry mean?

The Greek word translated in English as “dry” actually does not mean dried out or brittle. In fact, the word usually translated as “dry” is derived from a root meaning “boiling, heated, or vigorously burning” –actually meaning a vessel which is “full of fire.” NOT as in burned at the stake, but as in bodily persons having the characteristic of being full of Glory Fire, God’s Holy Presence, His Holy Spirit. Remember the Presence of God in the burning bush that Moses encountered?

This fiery characterization of the dry tree is contrasted by Jesus with the word translated as “green tree,” which comes from the Greek root for “very wet; saturated with water.” The early Church, in Jesus’ own words, were clean, even saturated through, with the Water of the Word he had spoken to them. They were ready to bring Life to the masses thirsty for the Living Water.
There would come a later time—and it seems to be our time—when the masses are hungry for the people of God who are full of the fire of the Holy Spirit who will do amazing mighty exploits (Daniel 11:32) in order to counter the unrighteous plundering of our world by the Anti-christ. The plundering and the mighty exploits will happen with ever increasing speed and magnitude.

Jesus declared that his disciples in future, in the Mature Church boiling with Holy Spirit fire and glory, would be doing even “greater works” of power than Jesus himself did! Their strength in His power and authority would be so amazing and incredible that the killing off of all of that Mature Church would be an impossible undertaking for the enemies of the Cross!

Are we to mourn or to weep?

Beginning in the summer of 2015, I have been repeatedly coming back to a meditation on Luke 23:28-31. Jesus’ words were addressed to women. These women were weeping as he was carrying his cross to the crucifixion hill. He told them to not to weep for him—not to mourn for him, but instead to weep for themselves and for their children.

The impact of this hit me as I was in the prayer room of International House of Prayer listening to the singers doing a lament on the Lord’s death on the cross and yet extolling the majesty of his triumphant sacrifice. I clearly felt the passion of the weeping women and that passionate love for my Lord and His passionate love for my children came flooding into me.

Then I began to feel the import of Jesus’ admonition to weep. I cried out for grace for all of us Mothers to carry out our weighty responsibility to this generation to impart to them the truth of God our Father and to lift up His Eternal Son Jesus to them. I wept before the Lord for grace to awaken this generation to Jesus Christ, the true Life. The Lord Jesus should be their hot pursuit in these increasing dark days on this earth.

My heart still weeps for our sons and our daughters to be aroused to choose Jesus and His life-infused power. Their choice must be made before the pandering, hypnotic power of evil overtakes their hearts. When the Anti-christ spirit has the nations in his grip, when the Christ Himself returns for the final battle, then it will be too late for choice.

Mothers and Fathers! Do you weep in this realization? Do you press in to prevail in fervent prayer for our children, our sons and daughters, our grandchildren? Are we fully awakened to the choice looming dead ahead for this generation—for our cherished children?